Project Description

Art Rooms 2018

Art Rooms, one of London’s pre-eminent Art calendar events, brings to gather the most exciting artists in a single, buzzing event: Set within the elegance and glamour of the Meliá White House, ARTROOMS is an interactive showcase of today’s most thought-provoking, mind-bending and awe-inspiring artists, carefully selected from across the globe by a panel of leading industry experts, art critics and buyers. Selected artists are invited to exhibit for free. This is London’s unique opportunity to come and scout art news and trends from all over the world.

Aura is the result of the collaboration between MDH Hologram and Analema Group, an art collective – lead by Oliver Gingrich, Evgenia Emets and Dr. Alain Renaud – focusing on the intersection between art and science Aura presents an introspective brainwave interface as holographic projection inviting the audience to reconnect with their spiritual self, with their inner life through electroencephalographic (EEG) brainwave measurements. The headset provides information on brainwave data which are visualized as abstract light sculpture. Using MDH’s EyeMagic, the projection technique suggests the dual nature of presence as spirit and as a physical condition. Aura was part of the Interactive Project Section of the Artrooms Fair London.

MDH EyeMagic is the first holographic projection pod that withstands all ambient lighting, resulting in a unique optical illusion. Pioneered for Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on 5th Avenue, MDH’s EyeMagic has now been seen at London Fashion Week, at the Serpentine Gallery, Frieze Art Week and at last year’s Artrooms Fair London. The EyeMagic creates the ultimate optical illusion, with hitherto unseen impact. The audience is left to be visually amazed and here – invited to interact. Aura takes this interaction to a new level, allowing the audience to connect with their inner self using a holographic display.

Concept: MDH Hologram & Analema Group
Content: Analema Group
Technical Conception: MDH Hologram & Studio Tangram
Logistics & Production: MDH Hologram & Studio Tangram
Installation: MDH Hologram