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Studio Tangram – Ologrammi | Medtronic2016 EN

Last 12th of July, Teatro degli Arcimboldi of Milan held the exciting Youniverse Medtronic Convention – one of the most important shows in the world for production, assistance, research, and development of medical products.

Cooperation, innovation and commitment are the three key words that created one of the most thrilling holographic productions.

On stage, real and virtual characters played with special effects during a breathtaking show where dance, creativity and technology harmoniously combined.

Right in this “holographic universe” the dancer performed with a magic and pulsating energy, blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual. It was not easy to distinguish the actual performer from his holographic double on stage as everything was perfectly attuned.

The filming was realised in our Studios and the effects supporting the dancers – universe, galaxy and stardust – were created in post-production by Studio Tangram and MDH Hologram–London teams.

Four other characters, Medtronic Business Managers, then entered the scene, filling the space with visual and audio effects in tandem with virtual objects. Following on from this, it was the turn of the holographic Dundu and, last but not least, a special guest arriving straight from the future, Medtronic CEO’s hologram.

Medtronic Convention: “The Holographic Show”


To create the hologram we used a 15m x 4m x 5m IceMagic™ System.


It was an extraordinary meeting that featured dynamism, ultimate technologies and multiple changes of scenery. Once again, the magic of holograms captured the audience’s attention; the dancing shows – both real and virtual – left everyone speechless, Medtronic Business Managers’ performance amused the crowd, and the special guest arriving from the future was welcomed with rounds of applause.


Production: Studio Tangram

Post-production: MDH Hologram – London

Effetti olografici: MDH Hologram – London

3D Animation: MDH Hologram

IceMagic™ System Installation: Studio Tangram

Concept board & Storyboard: Sinergie Live Communication

Creative Direction: Umberto Cigognini

Coreography and Art Direction: Marco Bebbu

Performer: Stefano Simmaco