World Leaders in 3D Holographic Technology

Giovanni would like to account his success to his father.
Our original patented 3D holographic projection system was first installed at the Swarovski Museum in Austria in 1996. Since then, we continuously pushed the boundaries of the technology continuing to amaze our clients and audiences alike.
Behind the technology, MDH features a fabulous creative team that thrives on the opportunity to work in partnership with clients – delivering astounding visual events.
Frequently producing award-winning projects, we love to collaborate with our clients: we worked with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his political campaign in 2014, and artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.
Spritely and flexible, our international team nevertheless packs in over 30 years of combined experience and passion for creative holographic expression.
We are extremely proud to have delivered some cultural moments that bring us all together, globally. Digitally resurrected late rapper Tupac Shakur, sparked 15million YouTube views in 48 hours.  Hugh Jackman addresses a press conference across Europe.
MDH is owned by Giovanni Palma. 
It is the latest revolutionary technology  created entirely by the MDH team and we are proud to announce that it is today our top selling product.


Giovanni studied Marketing and graphic design, graduating from Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, Los Angeles in the Spring 96. Giovanni worked in several companies around Europe before returning to Italy, Giovanni was then looking to invest in Motion graphics and was introduced to an English company through a friend during a trip to France. Giovanni contacted the company and after meeting with representatives signed as a  Licensee.
In 2013 The  Company (MDH)  acquired sole ownership of most of the IP assets. Today we are proud to work under the name of MDH Hologram and now we look forward to building on the inherited huge success and maintaining the status as world leaders in pepper ghost technology producing what is commonly referred to as Holograms.
MDH stands for MAGICAL DYNAMIC HYPNOTIC these are the words that makes us the true world leaders of 3D holographic illusions.
We are proud to be the most copied company in the world of 3D illusions, everyone worldwide can set up an Hologram installation but no-one can do it to the standards that we achieve and adhere to. The ingredients are always the same perhaps, but its the way you put them together that makes our productions UNIQUE.
Giovanni would like to account his success to his father.