Telepresence is our groundbreaking holographic conferencing technology. 
Telepresence has a long successful legacy. Inspired by video conferencing, we wanted to take these systems to another level – delivering life-sized 3D experiences in real time.Getting together has never been so easy.
Celebrities, time-pressed executives and public figures have used our holographic telepresence technology. 
In 2014, over a five week period, now Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, delivered a series of campaign speeches across all of India reaching up to 126 sites simultaneously. His political exposure was unrivalled by using our newest designed mobile platforms, enabling his message to reach millions.
Telepresence represents the future of communication, enabling you to connect more effectively and make an incredible impact on your audience. The technology reduces your carbon footprint, saving travel time and expense.
Through partnering with major telecom carriers like Cisco, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and EE, you can transmit full-sized 3D holographic people in real-time without any significant delay in communication. Holographic telepresence technology, seeing is believing. 
Here are some of the things you can do with telepresence.
Bring a world famous artist to perform as a hologram. 
Interact with your corporate colleagues in the same room from across the world.
Iconic, animated characters walking on stage to conduct a live TV interview. 
This and more is possible with telepresence.