We, at MDH Hologram, have decided to use these trying times wisely and learn new skills as well as upgrade our abilities and technology. We always strive for bigger  and better, and no better time than now to do so.

While we are doing our part in order to impress you even more, We have decided to start our e-learning experience . No better speakers than our own superstars to lead the educational path. Dr Oliver Gingrich, would lead and will start by showcasing his knowledge in the most amazing way, that only he can.

As a Creative Director at MDH Hologram, Oliver has worked with us from almost the beginning of our amazing journey into this otherwise secret world. As one of the original people, that is with us from the very beginning of our success journey, His role amongst all else, is always be the first point of contact with clients from across the globe, and all types of industries such as fashion, sports, entertainment and the arts, and much more. With over 15 years of experience in holographic world, Oliver is a one of THE leading worldwide experts in the field. Oliver is currently researching at the National Centre of Computer Animation, and leading global campaigns at MDH Hologram.

In these online sessions, Oliver will be a first speaker, from our amazing personnel and partners that would open up to you their view and expertise to this wonderful world that has so many layers, and is so often misunderstood. An overview of history, and practices of holographic projection design is our first ever possibility to share. Ask all you ever wanted to know about the Art of Pepper’s Ghost.

To register and pay, please contact via email [email protected] or whatsapp +393314334571 for more details.

Private sessions are also available.