Digital Resurrection

With our holographic technology you can now bring stars back to life. The end doesnt have to be the end, digital resurrection is just the beginning.
Using creative sound editing, motion-capture techniques and CGI, all alongside our holographic technology, icons of the past can return that surprise come back show.
The benefits of digital resurrection are clear. For fans, sharing an amazing experience and witnessing their idols again, is a unique opportunity.
For the holders of estates, artists increase in popularity after they pass – business opportunities are huge.
Creating a Digital Resurrection
Staggeringly realistic, our technology can create a life-like recreation of a star capable of addressing the audience, moving around stage and even interacting with others with pre-scripted effects.
We offer three types of digital resurrection:
Digital techniques are used to create a more basic resurrection, yet still packed with awesomeness. Rotoscoping (an animation style used to trace over existing footage) and compositing (where separate source images are combined) are both used alongside a body double. Rotoscoped footage of the persons face is composited over that of the body double.
CG aided 
For a fuller resurrection we require high resolution, good quality footage of the person being resurrected. The face of the person is made with full 3D CGI, offering more realistic and flexible facial expressions, and then composited over a body double of the person being resurrected.
Complete CG
This is the most convincing and flexible option, as proven by the hologram of Tupac. Using high-end motion capture technology and full 3D CGI we completely recreate a person from head to toe.