Project Description

 Carlsberg TEDx

At the TEDx Copenhagen, the founder of the Carlsberg dynasty appeared in front of 300 invited guests , over 170 years after his passing. In one of the slickest digital resurrections to date, the audience at the world famous Glyptothek museum was stunned to see the late founder of the iconic international beer brewery live on stage.

JC Jacobsen addressed the audience in real time as a hologram by using the latest in holographic technology, whilst surrounded by a stunning historic setting at this TEDx event in Copenhagen.

The experienced MDH Hologram team, in collaboration with the team from Studio Tangram, were able to deliver a flawless technical and creative execution to this one-of-a-kind event that would be marked in history.

Art directed by an in-house team at MDH Hologram and integrated into a wider campaign by Nobody and Happiness for Carlsberg International, the 18 minute TEDx talk was streamed live to over 60 countries with thousands of subscribers and viewers.

Once again, our holographic technology has brought one-of-a-kind experience that was able to entertain as well as educate , make the impossible possible, and stun a global audience.

Design & Conception: MDH Hologram
Art Direction: MDH Hologram
Production & Installation: Studio Tangram & MDH Hologram