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Teresa Teng

Best known for her romantic songs, legendary Chinese pop superstar Teresa Teng once again returned to the big stage in Taipei City as a 3D Hologram, more than 20 years after passing.

This “digital resurrection” was brought to you by Digital Domain and MDH Hologram. The technical production at Clapper Studio, Taiwan City was flawlessly executed by MDH Hologram’s team of architects and technical experts. The life-like photorealism of Teresa Teng’s heart-warming performance touched the hearts and souls of her fans:

As world media and live audience watched some of Teng’s greatest hits, tears could be seen being wiped away throughout. After her spectacular death in 1995, her fans had waited for 22 years to see her again live on stage: Once again, MDH Hologram has proven to be the world leader in the field of digital resurrection.

Technical Production: MDH Hologram
Content Creation: Digital Domain
Drawings & Technical Concept: MDH Hologram

Teresa Teng digital resurrection